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About Meadore...

Originally Created for Synchronised Swimming, Meadore has been indirectly in the fashion industry for over a decade.

Meadore Heart Infused by creativity and passion of Synchronised Swimming world, Marina Kholod was inspired to create a fashion label brand that perfectly reflects artistic complexity and pristine beauty in seamless expression of the music and movement.

Meadore Heart Her style rummages deep into her synchronized swimming background where she has for long time emphasized a unique approach with an attraction and a fashion that emerges rigorous competition requirements of this sport and creativity of Cirque du Soleil.

Meadore Heart Marina’s ability to relate to music notes and convert them in graphical digital prints has become her indisputable trademark.

Meadore Heart After Olympic games and countless International competitions, creating swimwear for Synchronized Swimming Olympic and World Championship Events, has given Marina a strong foundation upon which to build her own fashion identity.

Meadore Heart A signature style of breathtaking patterns, competition confidence and sensual femininity was immediately apparent in her first collection launched in 2013.

Meadore Heart Since Meadore launch, Marina continues to rely on athletes need for fashion responsive and training endurable swimwear that is enjoyed by synchronized swimmers all over the world.

Meadore Heart Currently used by Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, Ukraine and German customers in various Clubs and National Teams throughout the World, Marina is inspired and driven to keep developing the label for long-term admirers of professional sport and make Meadore available to everyone.

Meadore Heart High Quality Australian made UPF 50+ fabric provide the competitive framework upon which Marina Kholod combines complex and yet simple patterns with graphic digital prints and all produced on Gold Coast, Australia.

With a truly vibrant designs from the heart, it’s easy to agree, Meadore is a swimwear shopping destination like no other.


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