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Meadore Unique Back Designs



Back Style



Meadore Bare Back

Bare Back is truly unique design   cautiously measured and designed by Meadore. Faultless style to train  outdoors as it gives you the minimum tan lines across the back so you could  avoid the infamously called “swimmers tan”.

Besides the comfort and functionality Bare Back creates an impeccable impression of “red carpet   style”. This back style is loved by majority of synchronised swimmers around   the world.

Exclusive at Meadore only


Meadore Original Back

Creation of Meadore signature back style was inspired by sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. Meadore Original Back Style provides the best fit the swimsuit can give to any athlete. With 10 straps carefully   measured and placed around your back Meadore Original Back Style will fit and hold it all in right places. Ask any Synchroniser Swimmer!

The look of this particular style is so versatile that you can wear it not only to the training but also to the  cocktail pool party.

Meadore Original Back Style is the most preferred by divers and synchronised swimmers.

Exclusive at Meadore only


Meadore Supreme Back

Meadore Supreme is a newest addition to Meadore signature back styles. Inspired by Meadore bestseller Original Back with modified 20mm wide straps Meadore Supreme gives the best support and fit for any athlete and especially to the ones with larger bust.

Wide straps feel superbly comfortable over your shoulder without cutting into the skin. This back style is so good that you won’t have to fix the straps after each lap ever again…

Exclusive at Meadore only


Meadore Slim Strap

Slim Strap is a classic back style loved   and renowned by the all lap swimmers. Slim straps and nearly bare back gives   a sensation of liberty and glide. This traditional swimsuit back style looks great with fluro colored straps in combination with Meadore bold prints.

Please note: for C cup bust Meadore would   recommend to opt for Meadore Supreme, Meadore Original or Clip Back Styles.

Exclusive at Meadore only



Meadore Crossover Single

Single Crossover Back Style is another   variation of skinny straps loved and adored by all lap swimmers and   triathletes. Thin straps crossing over at the top of the back providing   freedom of the shoulder blade movement.

Please note: for C cup bust Meadore would   recommend to opt for Meadore Supreme, Clip or Meadore Original Back Styles.


Meadore Crossover Double

Meadore Double Crossover Back Style is for a bit more adventurous swimming fashionista.

Double crossover is a   pleasant surprise with all support that needed for lap swimming and a bit   more for extra trendy look.

The look of this defined style is so adaptable   that you can wear it not only to the training but also to the cocktail pool   party or beach party.


Exclusive at Meadore only


Meadore Clip Back

Meadore Clip back style is well loved by mature generation. Meadore designers have created this specific style to   provide our clients with better cover up at the front and the sides while   keeping the back style open for stylish look and chic appearance.

This style is also widely used for   synchronised swimming competition costumes. With custom design, sparkles and crystals Clip Back makes the most comfortable performance costume.

Exclusive at Meadore only