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Meadore Size Guide


It’s always hard trying to find your size when you are a size 12 in your favourite tee and a size 10 in your last bikini top. When buying swimwear online, we always recommend sticking to your normal underwear size as most swimwear will fit using this rule. We also have sizing charts available on each product's page to help with choosing a size. Please note that international sizing guides are indorsed by Meadore and are an actual measurement of the garment itself. Generaly, it is worth noting that we rarely fit perfectly into each measurement category on the sizing chart as they are to be used as a guide only.That is way at Meadore , we take your precise measurments to create a perfect piece just for you.

All of our sizes are in Australian sizes so if you are an international customer we recommend double checking the size chart measurements as sizing will vary.Please look at Product Description for detailed measurments and comparisons.



To measure your size correctly, follow the lines on the diagram & measure your body to find your correct size.
Meadore Heart BUST - measure the fullest part of your bust
Meadore Heart UNDER BUST – measure yourself where the bottom of your bra would sit
Meadore Heart WAIST – this measurement is taken just under you ribcage
Meadore Heart HIPS – the hip measurement is taken from across your hip bones at the widest part of your hips
**Please note the sizing charts are intended as approximate guides only. Meadore guarantee sizing/fit of our product**



Further information regarding returns can be found here.Please note that once the custom designed swimwear is made, we do not offer the refund and return policy becomes invalid. Please ensure that your measurements have been taken by someone else for better measurment accuracy.


International size Swimwear conversion chart

This table is for converting between American, Italian, British, French, German, Russian and Japanese women's sizes, for swimwear ,dresses, jacket, coats and blouses. Simply find your size in the chart to see the corresponding size for the other international size systems. 

The Australian sizes are also used in England and New Zealand.
The French sizes are also used in Belgium, Spain and Portugal.
The German sizes are also used in Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Meadore wimwear Size Chart

Meadore Children Size