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NZ Synchronised Swimming South Island Championships


Dear supporters of Synchronised Swimming,.

Welcome to Meadore, a major sponsor of Synchronised Swimming sport in Australia and abroad.

Meadore is delighted to again be a part of NZ South Island Synchronised Swimming Championships.

As a part of our sponsorship promise and in conjunction with NZ Synchro , we have designed a promotional activity that will make your visit to this competition more rewarding and more interesting


South Island Hourly Lucky Draws


From Saturday 17th of June until Sunday 18th of June, Meadore will conduct (10) Ten South Island Lucky Draws. During the competition, each hour starting from 2PM on Saturday till Sunday 1PM a winner will be drawn and announced. Alternatively, all winners will be displayed transparently on each applicable South Island Lucky Draw. All (10) Ten winners will be instantly notified by email with all relevant details. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details.

We would like to advise you to register for each of ten draws in advance as registrations will be opened on 8th of June 2017.

The Prize - A  Limited Edition Meadore South Island Swimsuit 

On behalf of Meadore, we sincerely wish you to be in sync with luck in next few days.

Please follow the links below for each Hourly South Island Lucky Draw.





 STEP 1 - Click on (1st) first orange button below to register .


 STEP 2 - Please read  carefully Terms and Conditions of the draw. Should you have any objections to any of stated  terms and conditions , please do not continue. Otherwise, please go to the step 3.


 STEP 3 - In case you have not logged in as existing Meadore customer, a popup form will be displayed, requiring you to register (or log in) to participate in the lucky draw. This Meadore registration process is required to be performed only once to guarantee the transparency in processing the draw.


 STEP 4 - You will need to fill in registration form and then click on Submit button. After that, you will be in process of receiving a lucky code for the first draw. 


 STEP 5 - Next, you will receive the confirmation email. Please click on confirmation link in your email otherwise you will not be able to proceed further as the confirmation link in the email activates the code. ( Optional and as directed by organisor )


 STEP 6 - After the confirmation, web page for the first registered draw will be displayed,  your code will be randomly generated and you will be also receiving an additional email notifying you what is your lucky code. Keep this email secured as it will be required for the verification purposes either you being the winner of the particular draw or your code is not a winning one but entitles you to credit for your next purchase at Meadore.


 Your name and the names of all other registrants will be visible if you click on Who else registered link just above the code for the each draw.


 As you will be still logged in after first draw, please click on all remaining consecutive orange buttons below and register for all other draws separately. You will see a pop up window with all of your details and only thing required from you is to click on Submit button for each individual draw.


 We would suggest to perform additional draws registrations in systematic manner and do not proceed to another draw until you receive an email as per step 6.


 After registering for Hourly Draw program successfully, you have an option to promote this event to your friends through email or social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). For each friend that supports Synchro and registering for the program, you will get an additional lucky code. To refer friends, customer may click on Refer button. Maximum two referrals/codes per registration allowed.


 In total, you should receive two emails for each hourly draw. As advised,  keep them safe and have them ready to claim your prize. 




2 PM DRAW     North Island Lucky Draw 10 AM DRAW

3 PM DRAW     North Island Lucky Draw 11 AM DRAW

4 PM DRAW     North Island Lucky Draw 12 PM DRAW

5 PM DRAW     North Island Lucky Draw 1 PM DRAW

6 PM DRAW     North Island Lucky Draw 2 PM DRAW



 9 AM DRAW   North Island Lucky Draw 10 AM DRAW

10 AM DRAW  North Island Lucky Draw 11 AM DRAW

11 AM DRAW  North Island Lucky Draw 12 PM DRAW

12 PM DRAW  North Island Lucky Draw 1 PM DRAW

1 PM DRAW    North Island Lucky Draw 2 PM DRAW


NZ Synchronised Swimming South Island Championships

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